30 September 2013

Dirty, dirty PCs

Horror for PC maintenance guys.

Watch yourself...not for those with weak hearts..:)

this is what five years in close proximity to a smoker can do to a G5 Cheese Grater...

long-term effects of a dog wrapping itself round the box for its afternoon nap:

alien life form

Definite signs of proto-life.

the school management couldn't understand why this machine had clapped out:

the maintenance guy didn't take a picture of what was inside this floppy drive slot, but he's probably just sparing us the terrible truth.

the mail room with its proliferation of pesky paper particles perhaps had not been the wisest choice of location" for this server:

this machine was still working...

as was this one..

foetal alien dust-being...

tasty desktop...for that alien being

and this is why a printer power supply is not a good place for two mice to shack up:

All the little brown things you see in the spider webs are dead roaches and the black specks poo

Arachnids were also to blame for the somewhat slow running of this basement-based PC

the eight-legged critter probably was none too pleased about his imminent eviction:


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