12 November 2010

Vidya Balan in Bengali Saree

Vidya Balan look sensuous in Bengali Saree. She has changed her look completely and is trying to look 'sexy'. Well only time will tell how much this new avatar will help in her career.

14 August 2010

When Chefs Get Bored

Indian Niagara Athirapally & Vazhachaal

This breath taking natural picturesque splendor located at a road distance of 65 Kms from Trichur (Kerala) & 60 Kms from Cochin International airport. Try to chalk out a holiday in September just after the monsoons. The waterfalls will be in full force then. A tranquil & much needed escape from the troubles & stress of life!

Beautiful Karnataka

Beautiful Karnataka

Swiss Mini Gun

The Swiss Mini Gun
It is the smallest revolver in the world but is still lethal. Swiss Mini Gun is a perfect example of  technology. If you want to know more about this gun go to their website here

20 May 2010

Burj Dubai - Tallest Building in The World

Burj Dubai officially the tallest building of the world. Its another example of how successful a city can be, on the basis of oil. Dubai not only gives the rich a taste of luxury but it also gives the creative architects and designers a land to fulfill their dreams.

Here is video showing how tall this building actually is:

Go and Enjoy---If You Can - Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab,Dubai The only 7-Star Hotel of the world off the coast of Dubai. Al 1053 feet above the Arabian Gulf its a lavish testament of Dubai's lifestyle.Even a lunch will cost you around $2500, most luxurious place in the world.


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