15 February 2014

First Time Sonam Kapoor in Red Bikini for upcoming movie

First Time Sonam Kapoor in Red Bikini for upcoming movie 'Bewkoofiyan'. Sonam kapoor wearing Bikini first time in their movie carrier. Sonam Kapoor looking gorgeous and hot and sexy in this Red and pink Bikini dresses. All sonam Kapoor fans are waiting this cinema.

14 February 2014

Shruti Hassan Latest Photoshoot In Saree For Kalanjali

Shruti Hassan Latest Photoshoot In Saree & Blouse For Kalanjali. Lets see the these hot photoshoot by South Famous actress Shruti Hassan images, photo gallery.

Sexy Supermodel Lisa Haydon Scans From GQ Magazine Jan 2014

Sexy hot Supermodel Lisa Haydon Scans From GQ Magazine Jan 2014. Here the Lisa Haydon sexy photoshoots for GQ Magazine January 2014.

09 February 2014

Kuldhara – A haunted village near Jaisalmer

Some 20 kilometres away from Jaisalmer, stands the town of Kuldhara, as it did 200 years ago, with bats and an occasional desert fox taking over the homes, town square and the temples. The desert winds have snatched the timber roofs away, but the sandstone buildings stand firm, lining the deserted roads. It could not have been spookier—the city stands intact, not only the roads, homes, temples and buildings but also the wells and the city's drainage system


The Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, India

When ice melts in the glacial tarn of Roopkund, located 5,000 metres above sea level in Chamoli district, Uttaranchal, hundreds of corpses can be seen floating. Thus gets exposed a mystery that dates back to more than 60 years and has begun to be understood only recently.


20 Staggering Photos Of Abandoned Detroit

The city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy on July 18, 2013. It is the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history by debt, estimated at $18–20 billion, exceeding Jefferson County, Alabama's $4 billion filing in 2011.Detroit is also the largest city by population in the U.S. history to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, more than twice as large as Stockton, California, which filed in 2012. Detroit’s population has declined from a peak of 1.8 million in 1950; recently, the New York Times called the city “home to 700,000 people, as well as to tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, vacant lots and unlit streets.

02 February 2014

The 10 most honest cities in the world

As part of a project carried out by Reader's Digest, wallets were dropped in 16 cities around the world in an attempt to find out how many would be handed in. Each wallet contained a contact number, a family photo, business cards, coupons and the equivalent of $50 or £31.

According to the results of a new experiment, more people are likely to hand in a wallet in Helsinki, Finland than in any other city in the world. Eleven out of 12 wallets were returned to their owners in the Scandinavian city.

Mumbai, India was the second most honest city in the world with nine out of 12 wallets getting handed in, while Lisbon, Portugal was the most dishonest with only one wallet being returned to its owner.

1. Helsinki, Finland - 11 out of 12 wallets were returned

What China makes: 10 things the country is big on [Infographic]

10 world cuisines Indians improved with a local twist

Indians are the real foodies of the world. They know what exactly is to be done to make a dish more interesting and exciting. Whether it's Chinese noodles made the Indian way as chowmein, or the quintessential American burger given a desi tadka with aloo patties and mint cutney, we know how to blend flavours. Here are 10 world foods that Indians have improved with their golden touch.

1. Chowmein: We've grown up eating this delicious version of Chinese noodles. You have to agree chowmein, loaded with soya sauce and chilli sauce, tastes much better than the fancy hakka noodles.

01 February 2014

20 Countries with Highest Murder Rate

Homicide rate is the number of people murdered per 100,000 people per year.

Here are 20 countries with highest murder rate.

20. Ethiopia

Homicide rate: 25.5
Reported homicides: 20,239
Year: 2008


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