29 September 2013

15 CelebritiesWho Were Ugly Ducklings?

We all have the misguided notion that celebrities must have had easy lives even as children but little do we know that many of them grew up as ugly ducklings!

Ryan Seacrest

Take Ryan Seacrest, who is nearly unrecognizable as the man he grew up to become. Not only did he have a bad haircut and ugly glasses but he was also a chubby child. Hard to believe!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Long before Sex and the City, Sarah was just a young lady with a head full of frizzy hair. Yet another Hollywood stylist miracle!

Kelly Osbourne
Most of us saw Kelly Osbourne grow up as an overweight teen as she was in the spotlight due to her famous father. Who knew she would lose weight and grow up to be quite an attractive young lady?

Kate Hudson
I'm just going to have to assume that Kate was caught at a bad moment making an awkward face because surely she couldn't have been that ugly as a child!

Adam Lambert
In high school, Adam didn't look anything like the flashy, flamboyant personality we know from American Idol. Believe it or not, he weighed 250 pounds back then!

Demi Moore
Talk about unrecognizable! You can hardly even tell that Demi Moore was a little girl in this childhood photo.

Eminem acts ultra cool now, but he wasn't always. Check out this picture of him as a teen when he was a big dork!

Charlize Theron
Who knew that the nerd in the huge glasses would one day grow up to become one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood?

Taylor Swift
Corn rows were not the look Taylor should have been going for when she was a kid. Even she has admitted that she was an ugly duckling as a child.

Avril Lavigne
You can't see any of the punk rocker that Avril became in the plain Jane childhood photo on the left. She wasn't exactly ugly, but she certainly wasn't a head turner.

Zac Efron
It's hard to imagine the hunky Zac as anything but handsome, but he definitely went through an awkward stage right around when puberty hit. Thankfully everything fell into place in the end!

George Clooney
One of Hollywood's hunkiest men looks like he cut his own hair as a child. He probably stole his grandpa's glasses, too.

Elle MacPherson
Long before Elle became a world famous supermodel, she was an ordinary little girl with a tomboy haircut! It's amazing what puberty and a stylist can do!

Matthew Lewis
In Matthew's case, we all know he was an ugly duckling as a child because we saw him grow up through the Harry Potter movies playing the role of Neville. The real surprise here is how handsome he turned out in the end!

Kristen Stewart
Say what you will about Kristen Stewart's acting, but you have to admit that she looks a lot better now than she did when she was a kid. Even though she was actually smiling, her shapeless haircut left her looking like a tomboy.



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