02 February 2014

10 world cuisines Indians improved with a local twist

Indians are the real foodies of the world. They know what exactly is to be done to make a dish more interesting and exciting. Whether it's Chinese noodles made the Indian way as chowmein, or the quintessential American burger given a desi tadka with aloo patties and mint cutney, we know how to blend flavours. Here are 10 world foods that Indians have improved with their golden touch.

1. Chowmein: We've grown up eating this delicious version of Chinese noodles. You have to agree chowmein, loaded with soya sauce and chilli sauce, tastes much better than the fancy hakka noodles.

2. Fried rice: If you've eaten authentic Chinese fried rice, you'd know how bland it is. Well, Indians have made this dish much more flavourful with their golden touch.

3. Gobi Manchurian: Veg Manchurian has never been tastier. Rich with cauliflower and all the delicious masalas, this dish is available as both gravy and dry.

4. Chilly potato: Adding this creation to the Chinese cuisine in India is the best thing ever. Vegetarians love it.

5. Pasta chaat: When it comes to making something chatpata(spicy) out of an otherwise blandish dish, who better than Indians to the rescue.

6. Bombay sandwich: The three layers of chutney, sauce and veggies is best thing that could happen to a sandwich. Though the sandwich originated in Europe, India has certainly improved this quick bite.

7. Aloo patty burger: Our desi burgers with all the aloo and mint chutney are far more superior than any American burger. Plus, a little aloo bhujiya on top just makes it all the more flavourful.

8. Tandoori chicken pizza: Even the Italians will be proud of our desi version of their cuisine. Who would have thought of such a mix?

9. Tandoori momos: Marinated in chicken-tikka like masala and then cooked on a tandoor – guys, momos are just so much the desi way.

10. Pastries: Indians borrowed the Turkish concept of pastries and turned it into something totally delicious. Now, we have the aloo patties, the chicken patties and egg puffs to drool over. And, patties are far better than French or Turkish pastries.



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