21 October 2013

Top 10 most dangerous countries for tourists

There are countries in the world where local people and even more so tourists feel uncomfortable. These are mostly countries with high level of crime such as murder, robbery in the streets, corruption, hostage-taking, terrorism, and so on. But tourists enamored by local beauty sometimes do not even think about it.
The influential magazine Forbes has compiled a rating of the most dangerous countries. The vast majority of them are in Africa.

1. Somalia. This country is called the "modern Tortuga" thanks to the gangs of pirates that work along the coast and attack foreign ships, kidnap people and demand ransom.

2. Afghanistan. Despite the fact that there are still coalition forces, the overall situation is very difficult. Attacks of the "Taliban" movement only increase, terrorist attacks occur frequently and civilians are killed. In addition, the country has a very difficult situation with drug trafficking. 

3. Iraq. This country sees almost weekly attacks arranged by Al-Qaeda militants.

4. democratic Republic of Congo. Since 1998, this country has been emerged in armed conflict that that claimed the lives of over 5.5 million people.

5. Pakistan. Hostilities are ongoing between the rebels in north-west Pakistan and government troops. The 2009 attack on Sri Lanka national cricket team and recent murders of foreign tourists shows that the country is extremely hostile to foreigners.

6. Gaza Strip. Israeli military operation ended in January 2009, but air strikes on Gaza still continue.

7. Yemen. The country has militaristic groups associated with al-Qaeda. In addition, the state's oil reserves are being depleted rapidly, which can cause further deterioration of the situation in the country.

8. Zimbabwe. The country has a multi-million inflation and high levels of corruption, resulting in permanent conflicts and killing.

9. Algeria. The security of the State is threatened by fundamentalist groups associated with al-Qaeda. Airports, hotels and oil industry infrastructure of Algeria remain vulnerable targets for all kinds of terrorists.

10. Nigeria. In the most populous African country rich in oil criminal gangs are operating and rebels abduct locals and foreigners.



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