22 May 2018

How People in 15 Different Physical States See the World

Most people take a normal eyesight for granted. Have you ever wondered how the people who don't have a normal eyesight perceive the world around them. The realisation occurs only when someone with a visual impairment or someone suffering from a disorder tells a different perspective than our own.

Below are some photos which show how people in different physical and mental state perceive the same image.

1. Healthy Adult

This is how a mature, sober adult see the image.

2. Strabismus

It is generally believed that a person suffering from Strabismus can see a double image or can look in different directions simultaneously. The truth is that their brain ignores what one of their eyes see, so the imahe is not doubled. In other words you can see what these people see if you cover one of your eyes.

3. Myopia

Myopia is shortsightedness which means one can see the objects near to them relatively well, but the objects at a distance look blurry.

4. Hypermetropia

It is the opposite of Myopia. The person affected from hypermetropia is able to see distant objects clearly but not those whihc are nearby.

5. Practical Blindness.

This is how a person suffering from practical blindness see. The image - both distant and nearby - appear blurry.

6. Late loss of vision

The people who were born sighted but lost their sight during their lives can distinguish between light and darkness.

7. Complete Blindness

The people who suffer from complete blindness have no idea or darkness or colours. Even their dreams don't have any colour.

8. Colour Blindness

One of the most common eye disorder. There are several forms of colour blindness, the most common is deuteranomaly. With this deviation, all colors (especially green and red) lose a bit of saturation.

9. New born baby

A new born baby mostly sees blurry images. This is very much like partial blindness.

10. A month after birth

At one month of age a baby starts to pick out large objects and those which are 20 centimeters away. For example,  their mother when breastfeeding.

11. 6 months after birth

At six month of age a baby starts recognising his parents faces. They also start perceiving colours.

12. Drunk person

On comsumption of large quantity of alcohol a person's vision becomes blurry.

13. After smoking cannabis

The affects of smoking cannabis, commonly know as Marijuana are similar to a person who is drunk.

14. On cacaine.

Consumption of cacaine makes a person's vision more full, bright and distorted.

15. On Heroin

When a person takes heoin he loses all senses and the body is taken over by euphoria.


07 January 2018

Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada

Abraham Lake is an artificial lake on North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta, Canada. The lake and it's beautiful surroundings becomes a spectacular site during winter. The temperatures may fall below -30 degrees Celsius making the lake freeze. However, it is not the ice that makes it amazing.
The decaying plants on the lake bed release methane gas, bubbles of which are trapped just below the surface as the lake begins to freeze.These trapped bubbles give the lake a surreal look. The lake has become popular among photographers because of this.

Image Credit :

03 January 2018

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Spain

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a museum of modern and contemporary art designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, and located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. The museum was inaugurated on 18 October 1997 by former King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Built alongside the Nervion River, which runs through the city of Bilbao to the Cantabrian Sea, it is one of several museums belonging to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and features permanent and visiting exhibits of works by Spanish and international artists.


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